Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Mya rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time today! Yeah! For those of you who might wonder why it has taken her so long, she is developmentally delayed because of her prematurity. She is 9 months and one day old and we are thrilled. I have been starting to worry as there are some other signs that she is way behind as well, and for a while there had been no improvement in any of them. Now we can check one off the list, and have hope for the rest.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Angel

Sunday morning Thomas woke up and went downstairs. He saw the left over carrot mess in Mya's high chair. He said this needs to get washed. I was in the middle of something so I said you are right and went on my way. A little while later Chris came in and told me that Thomas had moved what was in the washer to the dryer and had put Mya's high chair cover in the washing machine. What an Angel. He is so sweet and I love that he saw a mess, recognized he could do something about it, and did it. I think he is amazing!

Mya 2 Mom 0

Saturday night I fed Mya baby food carrots. She let me put a couple of bites in, then on number 3 she shuttered like she was eating the foulest thing imaginable. I continued to shovel in bites as I wanted her to deal with it. She started to get wiggly and upset. I thought one more bite. As I put this bite to her little mouth, she blew the way babies do, like when your doing zurberts or raspberries, and carrots went everywhere. She has won the last two food battles. But I'm not down yet!

Feeling Better

It has been 11 days since my surgery. I am feeling much better. It has been 24 hours since I last took any pain meds and the fog is clearing. Who knew demerol was the answer? It did not make me sick. I still have scabs on my right side and I continue to cough and gag and will until they come off. Chris was a trooper especially considering how sick Mya has been as well. We could not have made it through this without the help of family & friends. Thank you to Grandma Annie & Julie for taking care of the kids, especially while Mya was in the middle of roto virus. The poor thing literally went through a costco box of diapers in 13 days. For the record a box usually lasts 5 weeks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not Looking forward to my Tonsillectomy tomorrow

Maybe I am crazy but I am going to try to find 10 reasons why I am glad to have a tonsillectomy tomorrow.

1- I will lose some weight because I can't eat
2- I will be able to sleep on my side instead of my back, as my tonsils will not fall into my throat anymore
3- I will be able to read Thomas more then 4 pages of a story
4- I will be able to sing again, not that I have any skills, just the desire!
5- I will not get strep throat every six weeks
6- I won't have to change any diapers for at least a week
7- I do enjoy that foggy, stoned feeling that narcotics are good for
8- I won't have to cook or clean for several days

I am out of ideas, I am open to suggestions!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Aargh!!!!! Teething

Mya's first tooth came through on May 28, Thomas's B-Day. Now her second is through. They are both on the bottom in the front, you know the way most babies do it. She has been so ornery and angry. All of her gums on the bottom look they are going to explode. She ate a whole jar of bananas yesterday. I first tried to feed her squash and she would spit it out and gag. I thought maybe she was not ready for solids yet. Turns out she thinks she can be picky. She'll see, or maybe we'll see!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

King for a day

Thomas turned 5!!! What a fun day. Thomas had his choice of venues for his birthday party and when it came down to it, he wanted to have a family party at home, with all his friends! I am still chuckling on the inside at his understanding of a "family party". He chose to have a transformer themed birthday party. There was an epic water balloon battle between the Autobots(in red sashes) and the Decepticons (in black sashes). The Decepticons had no casualties, while the Autobots lost one. Kimber the smallest Autobot could not understand why they were getting her wet.

Graduation! I Quit

Thomas was so excited for his pre-school graduation. He participated in every part of the program and was careful to keep his clothes clean before. Anyone who has boys can only imagine how important graduation must have been to him to have clean clothes on when he got there. About a week after graduation we went to see Grandma Annie at work. One of her co-workers asked if he was in school, to which her replied-"Nope, I Quit"


I have been hesitant to put pictures of my kids on my blog for a variety of reasons but I want to share them with all those that I love and who love us so here we go. I do truly believe that they are all three miracles. I cannot put up any pictures of our Angel Addison yet as I only have photographs from the hospital, maybe someday I will dedicate a blog to her. She would be 6 1/2 now if she were alive. I picture her looking like Thomas except with long curly blond hair. Her baby pictures look just like Thomas's baby pictures. Thomas is my sweet, sensitive, "expert", that changed our lives forever. Now we have Princess Mya who I think may have completed our family. Please enjoy our Miracles!

He's an Expert

Yesterday I was reading a book about whales to Thomas. On page 3 he stopped me and informed me that he was a whale expert and that he knew everything about whales. I congratulated him on knowing everything about whales and continued to read. Later that night after dinner we were all working on the garden. A storm was coming so we were putting up trellises and tying the vulnerable plants to them. As I was helping Thomas get ready for bed he informed me that he was a wind expert. He said that he knows people don't like wind at night and that when he grows up he will be able to turn it on and off. He then slapped his leg and said "see I told you I know everything." Chris told him that it is great that he knows everything now because the older you are the dumber you get. Thomas wasn't buying it, and I love that he is an expert on just about everything.

Stage 1 Extraction & Graft complete

So Chris's tooth extraction and bone graft went well. He went to what he thought was going to be a consultation and came away missing a tooth, with cadaver bone sprinkles in place, and a post implanted in his jaw. He then went to work. The nurse called to check on him and I said he was fine and at work. She didn't say anything so I said, "he said he doesn't have any pain". To which she replied, "of course not he is still numb". I called Chris later to see how he was doing and he was fine and had been fine ever since. He just takes tylenol and advil to take care of the discomfort. Leave it to Chris to be impervious to pain. I guess I should be very thankful rather then astonished. They said in 4 months his jaw should be all healed up and ready for the fake tooth.