Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Kidding

So I was just kidding on my last blog when I said I was back. I think maybe now! Our internet was down for a whole month. J & J we will send some pictures. We are bad siblings!! So my tonsils are gonna come out. The doctor assures me that even though I will want to die for the first 12 days after the surgery I will be glad that I am doing it. He said no worries we will give you all the pain meds you need. I didn't tell him at the time that most pain meds make me vomit!!!! I figured we would cross the pain control bridge next week when we confirm the surgery time. On Friday I am having a barium swallow test. Sounds fantastic if you ask me. They will just be checking to make sure nothing else is going on in there. The Doc said sometimes the swollen tonsils that come with mono are permanent and he is pretty sure that is what happened to me. On a happier note, Chris needs a bone graft! For real, he has a tooth that broke and because he is a chump and won't go to the dentist the infection spread to his jaw bone. So the month of June is going to be all about getting stoned and yelling at each other. Neither one of us deals very well with pain. Hopefully we can get all this behind us as July 2 is the day the stinky beast becomes final. I will write about that later.