Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mya Dawn July 6

Mya was blessed and named today. It was the second day of Snowbird so all of Chris's family who were vacationing came down. We had lots of Uncles to help give Mya her blessing.

July 4th

We had so much fun today. It started with the Freedom Festival parade in Provo and ended at Stadium of Fire. Mya and Charlotte wore matching red, white, & blue dresses. The parade was fun and Stadium of Fire was moving. Glen Beck gave a great speech and welcomed families of soldiers that were serving in the middle east to join the field. Hundreds of family members covered the field. My sister and I were both crying our eyes out, we hoped that our little brother Michael was watching, as Stadium of Fire was being broadcast to the troops.

July 3, 2008 Together Forever

What a crazy day. I lost my mind this day. We were supposed to be at the temple at 9:00am. We left the house at 9:20am. Once there I realized I had left the adoption decree and Mya's clothes at home. Thank goodness Grandma & Grandpa had not left yet. They stopped at our house and picked everything up. We went into the records office and we had not filled out our family group history form. I was so throughly out of my mind that I could not remember anything that was important. Chris managed to pry everything out of my head that was necessary. We went back to change and honestly I could not even get dressed by myself. My sweet temple helper said she understood, once one thing goes wrong it's hard to get back on track. Well to make it short all is well, Mya is now sealed to us and it was a beautiful day. I imagined us all walking together reverently into the temple. Turns out we sort of staggered in, Thomas marching right up to the doors and going in first! He has been wanting to get into the temple for as long as I can remember. It was sweet to see him with all his 5 year old confidence go marching right in. I hope I can always remember seeing my sweet family dressed in white in that beautiful room. I am so thankful for our family and friends that came to share our experience.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged by iwi

Little Bit on Me
3 Joys:
1. My Family
2. My Friends
3. Reading

3 Fears
1. Children seriously ill or dying
2. Chris seriously ill or dying
3. Spiders/Snakes

3 Goals
1. Keep house cleaner
2. Spend better quality time with kids and Chris
3. Take better care of myself

3 Current Obsession:
1. Diet Coke
2. Blogging
3. Changing diapers

3 Suprising Facts
1. I think it's okay for Bella to love Edward and Jacob, I know I sure do!
2. I made a boys nose bleed in 6th grade by hitting him in the face with a hula hoop
3. I would prefer not to wear clothes, nudest colony here I come

Official Decree

What an exciting day for our family. We had court first thing this morning, now Mya's adoption is official. I had talked to Thomas about how court would be, with the Judge and his robe and gavel, the deputies with their guns, etc. I just did not want him to be surprised. It turns out I made him nervous instead. However as soon as we stepped through the door, the first deputy gave him a sticker deputy badge, and he was fine. He answered the Judge when he asked him questions and was very sweet. We are so happy to know that Mya is ours now, and we are looking forward to tomorrow when she will be ours forever. I am overwhelmed by what I am feeling. Last night Chris's Mom Annie had us come up for dinner and to have a video conference call with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Jamie. Annie told us they were on the computer so as we went into the room with the camera, to our surprise Jeremy & Jamie were there. We are so glad that they could be here. Judge Lynn Davis took care of our adoption, we requested him, and he happily obliged us. He was Chris's families home teacher when they lived in Provo and it was special to have him make us official. Mya was sweet too, she kept trying to take our attorney's pen, the whole time. It was hilarious! She also looks fabulous with a gavel and robes. Perhaps one day Mya will be a judge!