Friday, January 8, 2010

3 days of stomach flu

The family and I have had the stomach flu for a few days. For the most part we have gotten along just fine. Today the kids painted all day. I am now the lucky recipient of a picture of poison, rain, a snake, and gold. Chris received a painting of an exploding volcano and one of gun powder. We have cabin fever so bad!! Thomas was feeling better today so all day I heard can I do this, can I get this person to play, can we go here? AAGH! If we can survive this evening all will be well! As long as Mya stays well we're coming out to play tomorrow.


The Hannah Clan said...

I share your pain! Last Sunday night Rosie had it, Tuesday night Jake had it, Friday night I had it and this Tuesday night Gillian had it. I am so sick of all the sick! The weather got nicer today, so they got to go out a bit. I hope we can recover and move on cause this mess is awful!! Good luck to you and I miss you bunches!

Heather said...

And we missed you at Book Club!! Hope you are all feeling better this week!