Monday, December 15, 2008

the prettiest beast on the planet

So many of you might think of Mya as the beauty. Those of us who spend time with her on a regular basis know her as the beautiful beast! On Saturday my Mother in law went shopping with me to help me find a Christmas dress for Mya. I have already bought and returned a couple of different ones. I wanted to try them on her in the store so I could save the return trip. As some of you may have noticed she is a little round, not so many dresses fit her. If you can imagine a 25 pound tazmanian devil trying on a dress, you might start to get the idea. i found what appeared to be the perfect dress, it was red and fluffy. Annie held her down, I pulled the dress over her head, she immediatly pulled it back over her head, I pulled it back down and then grabbed a hand to shove it in the arm hole before she could pull it off again. She is screaming and flailing and trying to smack whoever is closest, sorry Grandma! She landed a few. We got the other arm in only to find out that this size 2T dress is too small. We could not button the third button. We removed the offending dress set her down and away she went. Santas village was just outside this stores entrance and looked way more exciting. We chose another dress, a gorgeous dark plum and equally fluffy. Repeat tazmanian devil attack. To our suprise it fit much better. Today, add Aunt Emily, we took the beautiful beast and her gorgeous plum dress to get pictures done. I cannot express the challenge it was to get her back in the dress, get her hair fixed and pry a smile out of her. I need a Xanax, for real, I'm not kidding. THANK YOU GRANDMA AND IWI!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Epic Battle

Thomas: Mom, there is a spider in the basement
Mom: Yeah, I know, spiders like the basement
Thomas (quaking in his shoes): I keep stepping on it and it keeps going, now its on the wall
Mom: How big is the spider
Thomas: It's a tiny little spider
Mom: How big are you
Thomas: I'm very big
Cameron: I know, maybe a shoe will kill it

the boys run to find shoes, then back to the basement

Thomas: It's not working!!!
Cameron: Whack, Whack, Whack, got it!
Thomas: Just put it in the trash
Cameron: Now it won't run away ever again